Our Lands

Our Lands

Our biodynamic agriculture is certified by Demeter. We use ancient sustainable techniques and follow the astrological calendar to grow and harvest the crops. Plants, animals and human beings are integrated and considered as a whole, creating a fertility closed-loop which gives unique characteristics to our plants and extracts.

Our main Lands are located in three different Areas:

Through the QR code, we reflect the exact position where each batch has been grown, guaranteeing complete traceability of the products by means of carbon footprint

Finca Serrata (Villena)

In Villena we have more than 2,000 hectares of Mediterranean forests under strict biological control. Our lands are characterized by dry and sandy soils with some silt. The agricultural processes are carried out within a biosafety framework and under the strict demands of biodynamic cultivation certified by Demeter.

Finca Alberquilla (Moratalla)

Magnificent land located in a valley between mountains, near Moratalla, Murcia. It has its own water spring with which most of the crops are irrigated, which gives them highly rich properties. In these lands we grow olive trees, almond trees, rockrose, horsetail, echinacea and milk thistle, choosing optimal harvest moments to obtain rich extracts with guaranteed traceability.

Finca Los Caballos (Bigastro)

Located in Vega Baja del Segura region, located in the south of the province of Alicante. This farm has 12 hectares dedicated exclusively to citrus and oriented to organic and biodynamic cultivation, which is located a few kilometers from the company's factory and laboratory.

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