Where We Are

Our premises are strategically located at 20 km from the Mediterranean Sea, which allows us to seize all the richness of the environment. Our factory is designed to produce any kind of botanical extract.


Our biodynamic extracts are produced according to good manufacturing practices for the nutraceutical sector. Marenostrumtech operates under the official GMP and ISO quality system based on the excellence of its products and services.

GMP Certificate

The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification ensures that all the products are uniformly manufactured and controlled in accordance with the quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

ISO 9001 Certificate

Bureau Veritas certifies and validates our facilities and procedures for the storage, distribution and marketing of nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic raw materials.

SFC Certificate

We take all necessary measures to prevent possible contamination risks and thus guarantee food safety. We continuously train our workers in the strictest hygiene and control measures in order to guarantee the best conditions for our ingredients throughout the production chain. We also give any employee, customer or supplier the possibility to identify any incident by means of a QR code in order to take the appropriate measures in real time.

Organic Certificate

The ecological certification guarantees that the products have been produced or elaborated following the norms of organic farming, and that they have been controlled throughout their production, preparation, packaging and commercialization process.


Thanks to our laboratory we have the possibility to develop and define innovative extraction procedures that respect the environment and allow to certify ingredients with exceptional quality.

ISO 9001 Certificate (Laboratory)

Certified laboratory for analysis of botanical extracts, pharmaceutical actives, food ingredients and finished products.


Structured and organized warehouse to house raw materials and botanical extracts in solid powder format

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