Why Biodynamic?

Beyond Organic

Biodynamic farming takes a holistic approach and considers the farm as an integrated, living organism. Fields, crops, livestock and farmers form a closed-loop with a view to foster the fertility and productivity of the soil. Therefore, biodynamic farms are managed as self-sustaining and self-nourishing ecosystems that provide high-quality products by restoring humus status and ensuring the inherent functioning of flora and fauna —the properties of biodynamic crops are unique and impossible to achieve neither with chemical fertilizers nor with other sustainable farming methods..

Our technology

At Marenostrum we have designed an innovative and environmentally friendly technology that preserves the unmatched properties of biodynamic crops.  In this way we obtain exclusive botanical extracts with an exceptional analytical profile.


Unique Analitical Profile
Unmatched Quality
Beyond Organic


1. Biodynamic agriculture

Soil analysis process

Seed selection

Agriculture biodynamic

Lunar calendar

2. Advance technology

Drying with properties

Grinding process

Ingredients extraction

Distillation process

3. Unique extract

Drying process

Powder extraction

Mixing process

Preparation & packaging

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